Holy Isle Ferry Service

Lamlash Cruises now runs the Holy Isle Ferry taking all supplies, guests, day visitors and staff volunteers to Holy Isle from Lamlash.

It has been great to take day visitors over again to Holy Isle from this September after two years of travel restrictions were lifted. At the moment, it is necessary to book in advance for all day visitor crossings.

We very much look forward to re-establishing a full regular service to Holy Isle next year once the Centre re-opens for guests.

Spring 2022

Sightseeing boat trips

Lamlash Cruises is also excited to announce that in addition to running a full Holy Isle Ferry service once again, we will also be launching our sightseeing boat trips around Lamlash Bay and beyond from May to September every season.

Watch this space for more details on our boat trip schedule!

Our Purpose

Discover Holy Isle

To enable people to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Holy Isle.

Access to nature

To provide a unique experience of wildlife, seascapes and landscape from the water.


To promote the best environmental care of our sea and shores.

Zero Carbon

To contribute to the shift towards a zero carbon community.


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